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The Parish Council has 7 councillors, 5 from Barford and 2 from Wramplingham. Councillors were last elected in May 2019 and the next full election will be held in May 2023. In keeping with an inclusive and sharing approach to responsibility, the Chair and Vice-Chair are from the complementary villages.

Councillor details can be found under the appropriate ‘pull-down’ menu.

The Council normally meets on the 3rd Tuesday of every month (except August and December) in the Village Hall, starting at 7:30pm.


Parish Councillors

Keith Waldron (Chair) - Wramplingham

Mary Dorrell (Vice-Chair) - Barford

Sandra Betts - Wramplingham

Sara Harrold - Barford

Sue Palmer - Barford

There are currently two vacancies for a Barford Parish Councillor

District Councillor - Richard Elliott

Top Barn, Wymondham Road, Wramplingham, NR18 0RZ

Tel: 07733 002897

Email: relliott@s-norfolk.gov.uk

County Councillor - Margaret Dewsbury


6 Park Avenue, Barford, NR9 4BA

Tel: 01603 759693

Email: margaret.dewsbury.cllr@norfolk.gov.uk


Clerk Contact Details

Heidi Frary

92 Norwich Road, Barnham Broom, Norwich, NR9 4BU


or phone

01603 759215

We are required to include information to accessing interests for all Parish Councillors on our website. Councillors are asked to complete a declaration of interests form, which includes all information required to be disclosed under the Disclosable Pecuniary Interest Regulations 2012, and any other interests the Councillor wishes to disclose. Some interests are considered to be "sensitive" and, therefore, are not listed on the declaration of interest form.  These forms are returned to South Norfolk Council and the information is held by them.

Should you wish to see Councillors interests forms, please contact the Monitoring Officer at South Norfolk Council.